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  Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa Pattaya

Marriott Pattaya�s very atmosphere is unique. Hotel is located in the city centre itself. Just go out the front door and past the car entrance area and you are in the middle of the action, or just a few steps from it. Marriott is excellent if you want the action and night life of Pattaya I would say the swimming pool was the greatest of all. You can have a nice drink with delicious food at the swimming pool, you can enjoy reading or chatting with friends at the pool. The service is excellent, they serve right there at any moment with the shortest period of time. Rooms are decorated in style. Marriott is also very close to a very shopping mall. Beautiful Experience. Highly Recommended to stay in the Party City

Pattaya Marriott Resort & SpaAditi : Awesome

It was a wonderful stay..the rooms were beautiful..the swimming pool was FANTASTIC..the landscape of the pool was and we freaked out..The food was delicious..the hotel opened out to the beach..we found the hotel so relaxing that we hardly ventured out...the staff were very all a relaxing stay

Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa PattayaPerry : The Best Staff Ever

Myself and my husband recently stayed at the Marriott Pattaya Resort with our children while celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary. We stayed there 2 years ago and it was so nice that we wanted to repeat the experience. My husband planned a second wedding in secret with Prapaporn from the Marriott and she took up the challenge superbly. She thought of every little detail - 9 Buddhist Monks, traditional Thai dress for all of us, keepsake boxes, hair and makeup artist, Irish music...everything. The staff at this hotel are absolutely amazing - we love the place and would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone. Sure, it's not a new, fancy hotel but the staff and the location make it the best in Pattaya. We have lots of new friends as a result of our stay.

Pattaya Marriott Resort & SpaPaul : Great Hotel in the best position

This was our 3rd stay in 18 months at this property & cant wait to return.The pool,rooms & breakfast are terrific.Having stayed at many properties over the years i find that location is also very important & this hotel is within easy walking distance of everything,shopping,beach & nightlife.The staff are the friendliest I have encountered anywhere in the world.THIS IS THE PLACE TO STAY IN PATTAYA.

Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa PattayaKevin : If you go to Pattaya Beach, Thailand, this is the best place to stay.

Awesome, outstanding, incredible, respectful, friendly, and extremely comfortable kind of sum this place up. I have stayed at a lot of Marriotts in my life, but none as nice as this one. The people who work there are what really make this place an enjoyable experience. There is good karma everywhere! I wish that all Marriott workers around the world would come here to see how a resort should be run. It was so refreshing to see smiles, respect for everyone, awesome service and an overall attitude of "live and let live" philosophy. I really can't say enough about how nice this place is. I do guarantee that you will not be disappointed! Pattaya Beach is very cool. The shopping is not all that great but there is so much else to do. Please smile, that is all it takes to start up a friendship with the locals. The food at the Marriott was outstanding and so was the food in town. You will absolutely love it here. If you have any questions just email me and I will tell you more.